Doha Dhow Festival 2018

“the night of the magic pearl”, an original creation by Groupe F for Doha Dhow Festival 2018.

Artistic Director : Christophe Berthonneau

Project director : Cédric Moreau

Dragon Fires

Dragon Fires, 2018

an original creation for Bordeaux Wine Festival

Created by Christophe Berthonneau

Music composed by Scott Gibbons

Project director : Jonas Bidault

Sacred Fires

Sacred Fires, 2018

An original creation for the “Fééries du Pont du Gard”,

created and directed by : Christophe Berthonneau,

Music composed by: Scott Gibbons,

Project director : Jonas Bidault.

Louvre Abu Dhabi inauguration

Groupe F created “Vives réflexions, museum reflections”, a multimedia and pyrotechnic show, for the grand opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Artistic direction and staging : Christophe Berthonneau

Project management : Cédric Moreau

General coordination : Eric Travers

Coups de Foudre

COUP DE FOUDRE deals with the amorous encounter, the passions it unleashes. During the show each encounter products a monumental and fantastic landscape.

Our aim is to revisit several well- known myths through a gigantic and astonishing show. The narrative system is voluntarily constructed around the image, using simple and readable symbolics.

However each gesture, each image contains mystery, allowing free rein to the imagination of those to whom the acts are presented.

All passion has its consequences…

Directed by : Christophe Berthonneau

Project director : Cédric Moreau

A Fleur de Peau

A FLEUR DE PEAU is a telluric ballad, a curious and dramatic journey through the treasures of life. This dazzling tale addresses the complex relationship between man and his environment. Here the gradual transformation of a sensitive area is generated by a dual relationship between the individual and his living space. Feast for the senses, this show takes us on a series of spectacular fireworks landscapes to the delight of young and old .

Directed by : Christophe Berthonneau

Project director : Cédric Moreau

Event produced by Festival d’Aurillac

Photo : Daniel Roblin

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Pont-du-Gard / Le magicien d’eau

True open-air theater, the Pont du Gard allows the Groupe F to express his creativity and technique. New pyrotechnic device, projection surface with extensive video at 250 ° encompassing the bridge, cliffs and the building of the Old Mill. Morphing video projections, flame generators, pyrotechnic choreography, characters of lights, fireworks … These feats recorded by actors, acrobats and stuntmen for a distance of over 230 meters wide and 50 meters high. The entire show is carried by a soundtrack composed by Scott Gibbons to put the moving landscape.

Directed by : Christophe Berthonneau

Project director : Jonas Bidault


MIGRATIONS is a freestyle series of TOPO-fictions*, whereby every show is to achieve a step on the permanent trail towards Otherness. Engrossed by the spaces, populations, elements and themes they interpret, MIGRATIONS places art at the centre of a new development model for public spaces. Through ambitious artistic interpretation, the temporary diversion of sites and their patrimonial elements offers new documented and dreamlike perspectives to the eye, of spaces often trivialised by daily routine. It may trigger lasting sustainable positive effects on the perception by viewers/visitors as much as initiate the re-investment of citizens and inhabitants in their environment’s development.

Directed by : Christophe Berthonneau

Project director : Cédric Moreau

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Palace of Versailles / La Face Cachée du Soleil

Monumental theatre on Bassin de Neptune, Château de Versailles. More than fireworks, THE HIDDEN SIDE OF THE SUN is an iconoclastic pyrotechnic choreography around the figure of the Sun King, its myths, symbols, dreams and secrets. Its share of light, his creations, his influence, his power are evoked; but also its dark side: wars, absolute power, vanity. The Hidden Side of the Sun is a total performance. It sets to pictures, lights, music and words the story of a monarch who has left a unique mark in history.

Directed by : Christophe Berthonneau

Project director : Jonas Bidault

Event produced by: Château de Versailles Spectacles